Dave Goddard

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Don't neglect the House of the Lord
Another great message from Dave (23 mins) really relating Haggai 1 to our present life & circumstances - again with his usual verve and humour. Praise the Lord!

Dave Goddard
23-Feb-2020 10:45
(Haggai 1)

Dave Goddard (main sermon) with Shadrack Duclonat - partly based on Colossians 1 - great messages on an array of subjects - inheritance, redemption & peace through Jesus - all things working for good.

Dave Goddard
23-Nov-2019 10:45
Colossians 1 etc

The Resurrection
Great Easter Sunday Celebration Message from Dave Goddard - really encouraging - with his usual enthusiasm and humour. Hallelujah! Jesus is Alive!

Dave Goddard
21-Apr-2019 10:45
Luke 24 vs 1 to 12

The Christ Like Life
A must listen to message (23mins) from Dave with his usual great humour. Through God's word he delivers assurance, encouragement, and wisdom to help us all be more Christ Like in our lives.

Dave Goddard
9-Dec-2018 10:45
(Isaiah 11 vs 1 to 9)

How to sing in a desert situation
Dave gives a fantastic 21 min message entitled 'How to sing in desert situations'. God gave him some amazing words that spoke directly to the current situation with our brother Tony.

Dave Goddard
21-Oct-2018 10:45
(Exodus 15 vs 1 to 21)

The Rival and Real Kingdom
Dave Goddard - used great humour whilst giving a wonderful 20 minute first message to us - one of real encouragement - touching on the Rival and Real Kingdoms.

Dave Goddard
12-Aug-2018 10:45
(Daniel 1 vs 1-21, Revelation 21 vs 1-4)