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2018 Sermons

The 2018 Sermons at MBFC are available from this page. They are in chronological order (newest first). You can either use the in-browser player to listen to the podcast or download the audio file (mp3) for offline playing by clicking on the three dots on the right. If you need help accessing the podcasts either email the website administrator or drop in to Tea n Tech for computer help.

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20181230 And there were three.mp3
'And There Were Three?' was the sermon at MBFC on Sunday 30th December. The bible reading was Matthew 2: 1-12.

Graham Clarke
30-Dec-2018 10:45
And There Were Three?

20181216 The messengers and the message.mp3
The Messengers and the Message. Bible Reading Matthew 1: 18-25.

Graham Clarke
16-Dec-2018 10:45
The Messengers and the Message

20181209 E is for Expectation.mp3
On the second Sunday in advent the reading was from the New Testament, Luke 1: 26-38. The Sermon that followed was titled E is for Expectation.

Graham Clarke
9-Dec-2018 10:45
E is for Expectation

20181202 Visions Fulfilled.mp3
Visions Fulfilled was the Sermon on the first Sunday in Advent. The reading was from Micah 5: 1-5.

Graham Clarke
2-Dec-2018 11:00
Visions Fulfilled

20181125 Where Is The power.mp3
Today's sermon was 'Where Is The Power?' and the bible reading was John 18:28-37

Graham Clarke
25-Nov-2018 11:00
Where Is The Power?

20181118 Do This.mp3
Do This... was the sermon on 18th Nov 2018. Bible reading Matthew 26: 17-30.

Graham Clarke
18-Nov-2018 11:00
Do This....

Remembrance Day Sermon 2018.Call to Worship Isaiah 2: 2-5, Reading Revelation 21: 1-5.

Graham Clarke
11-Nov-2018 10:45

20180930 Welcome To The Household Of God.mp3
'Welcome to the Household of God' was the sermon at MBFC on 30th September 2018. The bible reading was Ephesians 2:14-22.

Graham Clarke
30-Sep-2018 11:00
Welcome To The Household Of God

20180923 Who Is The Church For.mp3
Bible reading from 2 Corinthians 3:12-18.

Graham Clarke
23-Sep-2018 11:00
Who Is The Church For?

20180708 Stepping Out In Faith.mp3
Stepping Out In Faith was the sermon on Sunday 8th July 2018. The bible reading was Mark 6:1-12 A Prophet Without Honour and Jesus Sends Out The Twelve.

Graham Clarke
8-Jul-2018 11:00
Stepping Out In Faith

20180701 Giving Graciously.mp3
Giving Graciously was the sermon on 1st July 2018. The bible reading was 2 Corinthians 8:7-15 Giving Encouraged.

Graham Clarke
1-Jul-2018 11:00
Giving Graciously

20180624 Wiped Out.mp3
This week the Sermon was given by Rev Hayley Young from Panshangar LEP. The bible reading was John 8:1-11

Rev Hayley Young
24-Jun-2018 11:00
Wiped Out

20180617 Peace In The Midst Of Chaos.mp3
Bible Reading Mark 4:35-41. Jesus Calms The Storm

Graham Clarke
17-Jun-2018 11:00
Peace In The Midst Of Chaos

20180506 Building Healthy relationships.mp3
Building Healthy Relationships explored the second part of The Vine and The Branches following on from last week's sermon. Reading John 15:9-17 The Vine and The Branches

Philip Whitlock
6-May-2018 11:00
Building Healthy Relationships

20180429 Remaining In The Vine.mp3
Remaining In The Vine. Bible Reading John 15:1-8 The Vine And The Branches

Graham Clarke
29-Apr-2018 11:00
Remaining In The Vine

20180422 Actions Not Words.mp3
Sermon on 22nd April 2018 - Actions Not Words. Bible reading 1 John 3:16-24 Love One Another

Graham Clarke
22-Apr-2018 11:00
Actions Not Words

20180415 Mixed Emotions.mp3
Mixed Emotions was the sermon on 15th April 2018. The reading was Luke 24:36-48 Jesus Appears To The Disciples.

Philip Whitlock
15-Apr-2018 11:00
Mixed Emotions

20180408 Sermon.mp3
Bible reading John 20: 19-31 Jesus Appears To His Disciples and Jesus Appears To Thomas.

Graham Clarke
8-Apr-2018 11:00

20180401 He's Alive.mp3
Easter Sunday Sermon.

Graham Clarke
1-Apr-2018 11:00
He's Alive!

20180325 The Journey To The Cross With Zechariah.m
The Journey To The Cross with Zechariah was our final step of the journey on Palm Sunday. The bible readings were Zechariah 9: 9-13 The Coming of Zion's King and Mark 11: 1-10 The Triumphal Entry.

Graham Clarke
25-Mar-2018 11:00
The Journey To The Cross with Zechariah

20180318 The Journey To The Cross With Ezekiel.mp3
The Journey To The Cross With Ezekiel continued our Lent sermon series. The bible reading was from Ezekiel 34: 7-16 and Ezekiel 34: 23-24 Shepherds and Sheep.

Graham Clarke
18-Mar-2018 11:00
The Journey To The Cross with Ezekiel

20180311 The Journey To The Cross With Ruth.mp3
The Journey To The Cross...with Ruth was the sermon on the fourth Sunday in Lent which was also Mothering Sunday. The bible reading was taken from Ruth 2: 1-13 Ruth Meets Boaz.

Graham Clarke
11-Mar-2018 11:00
The Journey To The Cross....with Ruth

201800304 The Journey To The Cross.mp3
The Journey To The Cross examined Hosea on the Third Sunday In Lent. The reading was Hosea 3: 1-5 Hosea's Reconciliation With His Wife.

Graham Clarke
4-Mar-2018 11:00
The Journey To The Cross

Moses Points The Way.mp3
Moses Points The Way was our sermon on the second Sunday in Lent. The bible reading was Hebrews 3: 1-6 Jesus Greater Than Moses.

Graham Clarke
25-Feb-2018 11:00
Moses Points The Way

20180218 The Journey Starts From Here.mp3
The Journey Starts From Here! starts with Graham lost in Vienna.... The bible reading was 1 Peter 3: 18-22 Suffering For Doing Good.

Graham Clarke
18-Feb-2018 11:00
The Journey Starts From Here!

20180211 Look Listen Learn.mp3
Look, Listen, Learn was preached by Philip Whitlock. The bible reading was Mark 9: 2-9 The Transfiguration.

Philip Whitlock
11-Feb-2018 10:45
Look, Listen, Learn