Audio Recordings 2020

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Zoom service Christmas Day 2020.mp3
Mark Philps tells how Caesar's edict that all should be enrolled enabled the fulfilment of the prophesy in Micah that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.

Rev Mark Philps
25-Dec-2020 09:00
Luke 2: 1-7

Readings and talk at zoom service 20-12-2020.mp3
Sarah Musgrave talks to the familiar passage in St Luke when the Angel comes to Mary and how angels can play a part in our lives.

Sarah Musgrave
20-Dec-2020 09:00
Luke 1: 26-38

Talk and readings at zoom service 13-12-2020.mp3
David Maurice speaks on the the theme of Advent of preparation and advocates making time for prayer, to listen, to hold on fast to what is good and let the Spirit work in us

Rev Dr David Maurice
13-Dec-2020 09:00
Advent 3 Preparation 1Thessalonians 5: 16-24

Reading and talk at zoom service 29-11-2020.mp3
Pete Sainsbury speaks of Jesus coming again and of the imperative to keep watch.

Rev Pete Sainsbury
29-Nov-2020 09:00
Advent Sunday Mark 13: 24-end

Readings and talk at zoom service 22-11-2020.mp3
Chris Smith speaks on Jesus, King of Kings and the parable of the sheep and goats

Rev Chris Smith
22-Nov-2020 09:00
Matthew 25: 31- end : Christ the King

Readings and talk at zoom service 15-11-2020.mp3
Chris Smith speaks on the Parable of the Talents in that we are all given individual talents for God's service and urges us to use them or we will lose them.

Rev Chris Smith
15-Nov-2020 09:00
Matthew 25: 14-30

talk at zoom service 08-11-20.mp3
Mark Philps speaks on the parable of the ten bridesmaids and the need to be prepared

Rev Mark Philps
8-Nov-2020 09:00
Matthew 25: 1-13 The wise and foolish bridesmaids

Talk on zoom service 01-11-20.mp3
David Maurice speaks on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Blessed are they.....

Rev Dr David Maurice
1-Nov-2020 09:00
1 John 3: 1-3 and Matthew 5: 1-12

Talk at zoom service 25-10-20.mp3
St Paul's letter encapsulates what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Bible Sunday, Mark Philps addresses three questions, What is our identity, What is our vocation and What resources do we hav

Rev Mark Philps
Colossians 3: 12-17

Talk on zoom service 18-10-20.mp3
Mark Philps speaks to St Paul's letter and focusses on the sentence the steadfastness of Hope.

Rev Mark Philps
18-Oct-2020 09:00
Thessalonians 1: 1-10

Talk at zoom service 11-10-2020.mp3
David Maurice talks to the parable of King's Wedding Banquet for His Son.

Rev Dr David Maurice
11-Oct-2020 09:00
Matthew 22: 1-14

Talk on zoom service 04-10-2020.mp3
Chris Smith talks to St Paul's letter in which he says that his past achievements are worthless, all that matters is his faith in Jesus. We have Salvation for good works, we cannot earn it by them

Rev Chris Smith
4-Oct-2020 09:00
Philippians 3

Talk on zoom service 27-09-20.mp3
Henry Pearson talks how St Paul in his letter to the Philippians explains that Jesus is always in the front line as he is now in the pandemic.

Rev Henry Pearson
27-Sep-2020 09:00
Philippians 2: 1-13

Talk on zoom service 20-09-20.mp3
Chris Smith recognise the challenge of the first being last and calls us to celebrate God's Grace and Authority and welcome with excitement and joy all newcomers to faith.

Rev Chris Smith
20-Sep-2020 09:00
Matthew 20: 1-16 Parable, workers in the vineyard

Talk at zoom service 06-09-20.mp3
Mark Philps talks and shares experiences on the Gospel passage where Jesus teaches how to resolve broken relationships within the Church to achieve reconciliation and sanctification.

Rev Mark Philps
6-Sep-2020 09:00
Matthew 18

Talk at zoom service 30-08-20.mp3
David Maurice talks to the Gospel passage where Jesus foretells his death and resurrection and St Paul's message on the need to deny self and live for Jesus

Dr David Maurice
30-Aug-2020 09:00
Matthew 16 and Romans 12

Zoom service 23-08-2020.mp3
Communion Service led by Rev Mark Philps in which he talks to the passage in Matthew when Jesus asks his disciples Who do you say that I am?

Rev Mark Philps
23-Aug-2020 09:00
Matthew 16

Talk on Zoom service 16-08-2020
David Maurice talks to the Passage in St Matthew where a Canaanite woman asks for healing for her daughter

Dr David Maurice
16-Aug-2020 09:00
The Canaanite woman

Talk on Zoom service 9-08-2020
Henry Pearson talks to the passage in St Matthew that describes Jesus walking on the water and Peter getting out of the boat.

Rev Henry Pearson
9-Aug-2020 09:00
Getting out of the boat

Talk on Zoom service 02-08-2020
Sarah Musgrave speaks to the passage in St Matthew on the feeding of the five thousand

Sarah Musgrave
2-Aug-2020 09:00
Feeding of the five thousand

Talk at Zoom service 26-07-2020
Chris Smith talks to the Passage in Romans 8 that states that God works for good so why does God allow suffering

Rev Chris Smith
26-Jul-2020 09:00

Seventh Sunday After Trinity 7.mp3
Rev Chris Smith highlights the centrality of love to the faith. Accompanied by Leonie and Graham Kendrick. Our last full audio service - thank you to all who helped and have listened.

Rev Chris Smith & Leonie

Sixth Sunday After Trinity.mp3
Rev Chris Smith speaks about God's peace: For Today; For Our Souls and For Our World. Music accompanies the service from Leonie, Matt Redman and Graham Kendrick

Rev Chris Smith & Leonie

Fifth Sunday after Trinity
Rev Chris Smith speaks about the feeding of the four thousand

Rev Chris Smith
12-Jul-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Fourth Sunday after Trinity
Sarah Musgrave speaks to God's promise: come to me all who are carrying heavy burden and I will give you rest

Sarah Musgrave
5-Jul-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Second Sunday of Trinity
David Maurice talks on the subject of suffering for our faith

Rev Dr David Maurice
21-Jun-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Evening Prayer
Chris Smith explores Jesus prepping his followers for mission

Rev Chris Smith
21-Jun-2020 06:00
Readings and talk

First Sunday of Trinity
Rev Chris Smith begins to explore how we might be involved in God's mission to this world

Rev Chris Smith
14-Jun-2020 10:00
Readings and talk: The beginnings of Mission

Trinity Sunday
Sarah Musgrave speaks to the Trinity of God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit

Sarah Musgrave
7-Jun-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Rev Chris Smith tells revival stories. Enjoy

Rev Chris Smith
31-May-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Sunday after Ascension
5 Steps towards Pentecost. Chris Smith speaks about changes in the run up to receiving the Holy Spirit

Rev Chris Smith
24-May-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

6th Sunday after Easter
Chris Smith has a message about Love and Obedience based on John 14.

Rev Chris Smith
17-May-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Christian Aid Sunday
Sarah Musgrave, with an address by Dr Rowan Williams, reminds us that we are part of a global community and our brothers and sisters across the world urgently need our support.

Sarah Musgrave and Dr Rowan Williams
Readings and talk

4th Sunday of Easter
The Good Shepherd.

Rev Dr David Maurice
Readings and talk

3rd Sunday of Easter
The Emmaus Road. Rev Chris Smith considers how meeting the risen Christ transformed the disciples and could transform us.

Rev Chris Smith
26-Apr-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

2nd Sunday of Easter
Jesus appears in the upper room.

Sarah Musgrave
19-Apr-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Easter Day
The Resurrection, Rev Chris Smith brings the Special Message for Easter Day

Rev Chris Smith
Readings and talk

Good Friday
The Crucifixion

Rev Dr David Maurice
10-Apr-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

Maundy Thursday
Sarah Musgrave reflects on the New Commandment Jesus gave to his followers the night before he died.

Sarah Musgrave
Readings and talk

Palm Sunday
Jesus' nature

Rev Chris Smith
5-Apr-2020 10:00
Readings and talk

5th Sunday of Lent
Fruitfulness; a message to help us through these troubled times of the pandemic.

Rev Chris Smith
Readings and talk

Mothering Sunday
Rev Chris Smith talks to Ephesians 5 about the family.

Rev Chris Smith
Readings and talk

Parish Communion - 09-02-20.mp3
1 Corinthians 2: Wisdom from the Spirit

Rev Chris Smith
9-Feb-2020 10:00
1 Corinthians 2: Wisdom from the Spirit

Chris Smith
Luke 2: Let the Children come to Me