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2020 Sermons

The 2020 Sermons at MBFC will be podcasted as soon as possible after the Sunday morning service and will be available from this page. They are listed in descending order (newest first). 

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20201227 sermon live.mp3
Sermon from the service at MBFC on Sunday 27th December 2020.

Graham Clarke
27-Dec-2020 10:45

20201225 all wrapped up.mp3
Address taken from the Christmas Day Service at MBFC.

Graham Clarke
25-Dec-2020 10:00
All Wrapped Up - Christmas Day Address

20201220 sermon live advent 4.mp3
Sermon taken from the service on Sunday 20th December 2020.

Graham Clarke
20-Dec-2020 10:45

20201213 sermon live advent 3.mp3
Sermon taken from the serice at MBFC on Sunday 13th December 2020.

Graham Clarke
13-Dec-2020 10:45

20201206 sermon live advent 2.mp3
Sermon from the service at MBFC on Sunday 6th December 2020.

Graham Clarke
6-Dec-2020 10:45

20201129 sermon advent 1.mp3
Sermon taken from our Service podcast for 29th November 2020. The Bible readings were Isaiah 9: 2-7 and John Chapter 1.

Graham Clarke
29-Nov-2020 11:00
The God Who Comes

20201122 sermon.mp3
Sermon taken from the prerecorded service for Sunday 22nd November 2020. The bible reading was taken from Ezekiel 34: 11-16 and Ezekiel 34: 20-24

Graham Clarke
22-Nov-2020 11:00

20201115 blessings.mp3
Sermon from the podcast for Sunday 15 November 2020. The accompanying bible reading was Matthew 25: 14-30.

Graham Clarke
15-Nov-2020 11:00

20201108 remember.mp3
Sermon from our Rememberance Sunday Podcast.

Graham Clarke
8-Nov-2020 10:45

20201025 the voice of the bible.mp3
The sermon was given by William Allan today. The reading was Psalm 19: 1-14.

William Allan
25-Oct-2020 10:45
The Voice Of The Bible

20201018 sermon.mp3
Jo Gill gave this sermon at MBFC on 25th October 2020. The bible readings were 1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10 and Ephesians 5: 1-2

Jo Gill
18-Oct-2020 10:45

20201011 sermon.mp3
Sermon from the service on Sunday 11th October 2020. The reading was taken from Isaiah 25: 1-9

Graham Clarke
11-Oct-2020 11:00

20201004 Harvest.mp3
A sermon for Harvest based on God's creation. The Bible reading is from Genesis 2:4-15.

Graham Clarke
4-Oct-2020 10:30
God's creation

20200927 sermon.mp3
Sermon taken from the service at MBFC on Sunday 27th September.The reading was from Philippians 2.

Graham Clarke
27-Sep-2020 10:30

20200920 Workers in the Vineyard.mp3
Sunday morning sermon. The reading is from Matthew 20:1-16.

Graham Clarke
20-Sep-2020 10:45
The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

20200913 Forgiveness.mp3
The theme of today's reflection is: Forgiveness, not revenge, being the way to true peace. The Bible reading reading is Matthew 6:5-14.

Graham Clarke
13-Sep-2020 10:40

2020-09-06 Being Living Stones.mp3
Today is our anniversary service. The Bible reading is from 1 Peter2:4-10.

Graham Clarke
Being Living Stones

2020-08-30 If the foundations are destroyed.mp3
The text of this morning's sermon comes from Psalm 11 verse 3: When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? A verse by verse exposition of Psalm 11.

Bill Allan
30-Aug-2020 10:35
If the foundations are destroyed.

2020-08-23 Imitate what is good.mp3
The service today was led by Robert Little. The Bible reading is from 3 John.

Robert Little
23-Aug-2020 10:35
Imitate what is good.

2020-08-16 All are Welcome.mp3
Sunday morning sermon. The Bible passages are from Isaiah 55:1-3, 56:1-2 and 56:6-8.

Graham Clarke
16-Aug-2020 10:30
All are Welcome

20200809 Jesus Walks on Water.mp3
Peter tries to walk on water. Reflection on this morning's reading from Matthew 14:22-33.

Graham Clarke
9-Aug-2020 10:35
Trust and Faith

20200802 Zacchaeus.mp3
Reflection from the morning service. The Bible reading was from Luke 19:1-10.

Helen Little
2-Aug-2020 10:30
Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

20200802 reflection.mp3
Reflection taken from the online service for 2nd August 2020. The reading was Matthew 14: 13-21.

Graham Clarke
28-Jul-2020 10:00
Loaves and Fishes

20200726 The Kingdom of God.mp3
The Kingdom of Heaven is like... A reflection from the morning service based on Matthew 13:31-33 and Matthew 13:44-49

Philip Whitlock
26-Jul-2020 10:35
The Kingdom of Heaven

20200726 reflection.mp3
Reflection taken from the online service for 26 July 2020. The bible readings were parables from Matthew 13: 31-33 and Matthew 13: 44-49.

Graham Clarke
26-Jul-2020 10:00
The Kingdom Of Heaven

20200719 The Vine and the Branches.mp3
The first Sunday in church after lockdown. The reading is from John 15:1-12.

Graham Clarke
19-Jul-2020 10:30
The Vine and The Branches

20200719 reflection.mp3
Reflection taken from the YouTube online service on Sunday 19th July 2020. The reading was taken from Mark 4: 35-41

Graham Clarke
19-Jul-2020 09:00
Jesus Calms The Storm

20200712 reflection.mp3
The Parable Of The Sower was today's reflection in our podcast service. The reading was from Matthew 13, starting at verse 1.

Graham Clarke
12-Jul-2020 10:00
The Parable Of The Sower

Graham Clarke
5-Jul-2020 10:00
Reflection - Flour and Oil

20200628 reflection.mp3
Reflection from the online service on 28th June 2020. The bible reading was 2 Peter 1:

Graham Clarke
28-Jun-2020 10:00
What Next

20200621 reflection.mp3
Reflection from the podcast this week. The reading was from Matthew 10: 24-31.

Graham Clarke
21-Jun-2020 10:00
Reflection from 21st June 2020 podcast

20200614 reflection.mp3
Reflection from the online service on 14th June 2020. The bible readings were from Exodus 19:1-19 and Colossians 3:12-17

Graham Clarke
14-Jun-2020 10:00

20200607 reflection.mp3
Reflection on the Trinity taken from our service podcast for Sunday 7th June 2020. The Bible reading was taken from John 5: 1-8

Graham Clarke
Trinity Sunday

20200531 reflection.mp3
Pentecost Reflection from service on Sunday 31st May 2020. The readings were from Acts 2:1-13 and Acts 2: 14-24.

Graham Clarke

Graham Clarke
24-May-2020 10:00
Reflection from 24th May Service

Graham Clarke
17-May-2020 10:00

20200510 Reflection.mp3
Reflection from the online service on Sunday 10th May 2020. The reading was from John 14: 1-14.

Graham Clarke
10-May-2020 11:00
John 14

20200503 Reflection.mp3
Reflection taken from the service for Sunday 3rd May 2020. The Bible reading was John 10: 1-10

Graham Clarke
Sheep and Shepherds

20200426 Reflection Fishing.mp3
We are sitting by the Sea of Galilee for the Reflection from today's online service. The Bible reading is John 21:1-14.

Graham Clarke
26-Apr-2020 10:30
Gone Fishing

20200419 Reflection Experiencing Christ.mp3
Experiencing Christ was the Reflection from the online Service on Sunday 19th April 2020. The reading was from the gospel of Luke 24:13-35 On the Road to Emmaus.

Graham Clarke
19-Apr-2020 10:30
Experiencing Christ

20200329 A Call To Persevere.mp3
Address taken from the MBFC Podcast on 29th March 2020. Bible reading is Hebrews 10: 19-25 A Call To Persevere.

Graham Clarke
28-Mar-2020 10:30
A Call To Persevere

20200315 Buckets and Water.mp3
Buckets and Water was the sermon today. The Bible reading was John 4: 1-15.

Graham Clarke
17-Mar-2020 10:45
Buckets And Water

20200308 Coming Into The Light.mp3
Sermon at MBFC on the second Sunday in Lent. The bible reading was from John 3: 1-21.

Graham Clarke
8-Mar-2020 10:45
Coming Into The Light

20200301 Lent Has Begun.mp3
Sermon on the first Sunday in Lent. The Bible reading was Matthew 4: 1-11

Graham Clarke
1-Mar-2020 10:40
Lent Has Begun

20200223 Seeing Jesus In A New Light.mp3
Jesus as told by Simon Peter. The accompanying Bible reading was Matthew 17: 1-9 The Transfiguration.

Graham Clarke
23-Feb-2020 10:45
Seeing Jesus In A New Light

20200216 Transformers.mp3
Today Graham talked about transformers. The Bible reading was from the Matthew 5: 1-12 The Beatitudes.

Graham Clarke
16-Feb-2020 10:45

20200209 To Cornelius With Love.mp3
Due to technical problems this podcast is poor quality.
The Bible reading was Acts 10:34-48.

Bill Allan
9-Feb-2020 10:45
To Cornelius With Love

20200202 Stuff Left Behind.mp3
The accompanying Bible reading was from Matthew 4:12-23 Jesus Begins To Preach and The Calling Of The First Disciples.

Graham Clarke
2-Feb-2020 10:45
Stuff Left Behind

20200126 A question of identity.mp3
Sermon on Sunday 26th January 2020. The bible reading was taken from John 1:29-42 Jesus The Lamb Of God and Jesus' First Disciples.

Graham Clarke
26-Jan-2020 10:45
Who Is That Over There? A question of identity.

20200119 Unusual Kindness.mp3
Unusual Kindness was the theme of this week's Sermon on 19th January 2020, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Bible readings were Acts 27:1-2, Acts 27:27-29, Acts 27:33-38 and Acts 28:1-10.

Graham Clarke
19-Jan-2020 10:45
Unusual Kindness

20200112 Its not just about water.mp3
The Sermon today discussed baptism as today is The Baptism of the Lord. The bible reading was from Matthew 3: 1-17 John The Baptist Prepares The Way.

Graham Clarke
12-Jan-2020 11:00
It's not just about water!!

20200105 The Light Shines.mp3
The Light Shines was our first sermon of 2020. The Bible Reading was John 12:37-46 The Jews Continue In Their Unbelief.

Graham Clarke
5-Jan-2020 10:45
The Light Shines