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Seven Pictures of Prayer  

What is one of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life?    I think that if we are honest it is prayer. Prayer is something which we know we should practice willingly, regularly and faithfully but when it comes to it, many of us struggle with it.

There are many reasons for the struggle:

In this period before Lent we will be looking at 7 pictures of prayer and through them understand prayer a little better in ways which will help us in our own praying.

It is an idea that I have borrowed from a helpful article by Dr Patrick Anani;  an associate professor in the School of Theology and Religion at the University of the Southern Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago.

 If you have to be an associate professor anywhere that sounds like a pretty good place to be one !

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20200112 PM Pictures Of Prayer Conversation.mp3
Conversation. Note that our power failed on 12th January so Graham has kindly re-recorded the first talk of the series.

Graham Clarke
12-Jan-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 1: Conversation

Graham Clarke
19-Jan-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 2: Confidence

Graham Clarke
26-Jan-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 3: Obedience

Graham Clarke
2-Feb-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 4 Relationship

Graham Clarke
9-Feb-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 5: All Of Life

Graham Clarke
16-Feb-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 6: Prayer as Service

Graham Clarke
23-Feb-2020 19:00
Pictures Of Prayer 7: Prayer As Power