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2019 Sermons

The 2019 Sermons at MBFC will be podcasted as soon as possible after the service and available from this page. They are in descending order (newest first). You can either use the in-browser player to listen to the podcast or download the audio file (mp3) for offline playing by clicking on the three dots on the right. If you need help accessing the podcasts either email the website administrator or drop in to Tea n Tech for computer help.

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20191222 A Promise For Everyone.mp3
A Promise For Everyone was the talk at our Family Carol Service.

Graham Clarke
22-Dec-2019 19:00
A Promise For Everyone

20191222 Spot The Promise.mp3
'Spot The Promise' was the talk given during our Morning Carol Service.

Graham Clarke
22-Dec-2019 11:00
Talk: Spot The Promise

20191208 God's who, where, when promises.mp3
'God's Who, Where, When Promises' was delivered on the second Sunday in Advent. The accompanying Bible readings are Micah 5: 1-5 and Luke 1: 26-38.

Graham Clarke
8-Dec-2019 10:45
God's Who, Where, When Promises

20191201 Sermon.mp3
Sermon at MBFC on the first Sunday in Advent. Bible readings from Isaiah 9: 1-2, Isaiah 9: 6-7 and Hebrews 6: 13-20.

Graham Clarke
1-Dec-2019 10:45

20191027 What Will They Say When You Have Gone.mp3
'What Will They Say When You Are Gone?' Listen to find out more. The Bible reading was from Timothy 4:1-8

Graham Clarke
27-Oct-2019 10:45
What Will They Say When You Are Gone

20191020 Sermon On Climate Change.mp3
We were please to welcome Rev Dr John Weaver from the John Rey Initiative - connecting Environment, Science and Christianity. He delivered an informative sermon on the current Climate Crisis.

Rev Dr John Weaver
20-Oct-2019 11:00
Climate Change

20191013 Crossing Boundaries.mp3
Crossing Boundaries was the sermon on Sunday 13th October.The Bible reading was from Luke 17: 11-19 Ten Healed of Leprosy.

Graham Clarke
13-Oct-2019 10:45
Crossing Boundaries

20190929 Don't Make Assumptions.mp3
Don't Make Assumptions was the sermon this Sunday. The Bible reading was Luke 16:19-31 The Rich Man and Lazarus.

Graham Clarke
29-Sep-2019 11:00
Don't Make Assumptions!

20190922 Sermon On Youth Work Sunday.mp3
Geoff Sutton from STEP spoke to us on Youth Work Sunday.

Geoff Sutton
22-Sep-2019 11:00
STEP and Youth Work

20190915 Sermon.mp3
Today was our Church Anniversary. Our reading was taken from Ephesians 2: 11-22 One In Christ.

Graham Clarke
15-Sep-2019 11:00

20190908 Wearing L Plates.mp3
Wearing L Plates was the sermon on Education Sunday, the second Sunday in September. The Bible reading was from Luke 2: 41-52 The Boy Jesus At The Temple.

Graham Clarke
8-Sep-2019 11:00
Wearing L Plates

20190901 Where Is My Place.mp3
Where Is My Place? was the sermon on 1st September. The Bible reading was Luke 14: 1 & 7-14 Jesus at A Pharisee's House.

Graham Clarke
1-Sep-2019 11:00
Where Is My Place?

20190825 This Is The Day.mp3
The Sermon this Sunday was called 'This Is The Day!' The Bible reading was Luke 13: 10-17 A Crippled Woman Healed On The Sabbath

Graham Clarke
25-Aug-2019 10:45
This Is The Day

20190818 .mp3
Another sermon. The Bible reading was Luke 12: 49-56 Not Peace But Division

Graham Clarke
18-Aug-2019 11:00
Time To Make A Decision

20190811 Being Ready.mp3
Being Ready! was the sermon on 11 August. The Bible reading was from Luke 12: 35-47 Watchfulness.

Graham Clarke
11-Aug-2019 10:45
Being Ready!

20190804 What Matters In Life.mp3
'What Matters In Life?' was the sermon this week. The Bible reading was Luke 12: 13-21 The Parable Of The Rich Fool.

Graham Clarke
4-Aug-2019 10:45
What Matters In Life

20190728 A Simple Sermon For Seekers.mp3
A Simple Sermon For Speakers was preached by William Allan on 28 July 2019. The Bible reading was Romans 10: 5-15

William Allan
28-Jul-2019 11:00
A Simple Sermon For Seekers

20190721 Whoever Takes The Son Gets Everything.mp3
Prof Sir Les Ebdon gave this morning's sermon. The Bible reading was 1 John 5: 1-12 Faith In The Son Of God.

Prof Sir Les Ebdon
21-Jul-2019 11:00
Whoever Takes The Son Gets Everything

20190714 Open For Business.mp3
The sermon today was delivered by Rev David Ronco. The bible reading was Acts 16:6-15 Paul's Vision of the Man of Macedonia and Lydia's Conversion in Phillippi.

Rev David Ronco
14-Jul-2019 10:45
Open For Business

20190707 Facing Compassion Fatigue.mp3
The bible reading was from Galatians 5:22 - 6:5

Graham Clarke
7-Jul-2019 10:45
Facing Compassion Fatigue?!

20190630 A Leper a Gentile and a Little Old Lady.m
'A Leper, a Gentile and a Little Old Lady' was the sermon preached at MBFC by Rev Maureen Hider from Leavesden Road Baptist Church. The bible reading was Matthew 8: 1-17 The Man with Leprosy,

Rev Maureen Hider
30-Jun-2019 10:45
A Leper, a Gentile and a Little Old Lady

The sermon today was accompanied by a reading from Galatians 3: 23 - 4: 7 Sons Of God

Graham Clarke
23-Jun-2019 11:00
Coming Of Age

The bible reading today was John 16: 12-16

Graham Clarke
16-Jun-2019 11:00
The Unity Of God

20190609 Waiting For The Power.mp3
Sermon on Pentecost Sunday. The bible reading was Acts 2: 5-21.

Graham Clarke
9-Jun-2019 10:45
Waiting For The Power

20190602 Imprisoned Captives Freed.mp3
Imprisoned! Captives Freed! continues Paul's journey. The bible reading is from Acts 16: 16-36.

Graham Clarke
2-Jun-2019 10:45
Imprisoned! Captives Freed

20190526 Lydia Meets Paul.mp3
'Lydia Meets Paul' discusses who was the first Christian in Europe. The bible reading today was Acts 16:6-15.

Graham Clarke
26-May-2019 10:45
Lydia Meets Paul

20190519 Looking Beyond Boundaries.mp3
'Looking Beyond Boundaries' was the sermon at MBFC on 19th May 2019. The accompanying Bible reading was from Acts 11: 1-18.

Graham Clarke
19-May-2019 10:45
Looking Beyond Boundaries

20190512 Peter and Dorcas.mp3
Today's sermon looked and Peter and Dorcas and was accompanied by the bible reading from Acts 9: 36-43 Aeneas and Dorcas.

Graham Clarke
Peter & Dorcas: The Original Christian Aid Workers

20190505 Seeing Things Differently.mp3
Seeing Things Differently was the sermon on 5 May 2019. The bible reading was from Acts 9: 1-19 Saul's Conversion.

Graham Clarke
5-May-2019 10:45
Seeing Things Differently

20190428 Thank God we don't have to live in ou
Thank God we don't have to live in our own strength! was the Sermon on 28th April. The bible reading was from John 20: 19-30 Jesus Appears To His Disciples and Jesus Appears To Thomas.

Philip Whitlock
28-Apr-2019 10:45
Thank God we don't have to live in our own str

20190421 Tomorrow Is Here.mp3
Easter Sunday Sermon. The Bible reading today was John 20: 1-18 The Empty Tomb and Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene.

Graham Clarke
21-Apr-2019 10:30
Tomorrow Is Here!

20190414 Welcome To The KIng.mp3
Welcome To The King! was the sermon on Palm Sunday and completed our study of the Grace Course during Lent. Today's bible readings were Matthew 21: 1-11 and Revelation 19: 6-10.

Graham Clarke
14-Apr-2019 10:45
Welcome To The KIng!

20190407 Pride Versus Humility.mp3
Pride versus Humility is the fifth sermon connected with the Grace Course. Today's readings were Luke 18: 10-14 and Phillippians 2: 1-11.

Graham Clarke
7-Apr-2019 10:45
Pride versus Humiity

20190331 Courage.mp3
The fourth Sunday in Lent and Graham preached the fourth sermon connected to the Grace Course our small groups are studying.Today's reading was Joshua 1: 1-9.

Graham Clarke
31-Mar-2019 10:45

20190324 Unashamed.mp3
'Unashamed!' is the third sermon complementing our study of 'The Grace Course' this Lent. Bible readings were Genesis 3: 1-13 The Fall Of Man and Romans 6: 1-7 Dead to Sin, Alive in Ch

Graham Clarke
24-Mar-2019 10:45

20190317 Innocent.mp3
Continuing our Grace course series of sermons to tie in with the small group studies this Lent. The bible reading today was from Luke 7: 36-50 Jesus anointed by a sinful woman.

Graham Clarke
17-Mar-2019 10:45
The Grace Course part 2 Innocent

20190310 Being Free.mp3
On The First Sunday In Lent we began to think about Lent and the Grace Course, which is being followed by some of our small groups.

Graham Clarke
10-Mar-2019 10:45
Being Free!

20190303 Reflecting God's Glory.mp3
Exodus 34: 29-35 and Luke 9: 28-36

Graham Clarke
3-Mar-2019 10:45
Reflecting God's Glory

20190224 What eyes have not.mp3
Philip kindly stepped in and gave today's sermon. The bible reading was 1 Corinthians 15: 35-38 & 42-52

Philip Whitlock
24-Feb-2019 11:00
What eyes have not seen and ears not heard

20190217 What makes us Christians.mp3
What Makes Us Christians? Have you ever considered this? Reading from 1 Corinthians 15: 12-20

Graham Clarke
17-Feb-2019 11:00
What Makes Us Christians?

20190210 Hold firmly to the message.mp3
Hold Firmly To The Message, with love, Paul was the sermon given by Philip Whitlock. The reading was from 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11

Philip Whitlock
10-Feb-2019 10:45
Hold Firmly To The Message, with love, Paul

20190203 All You Need Is.mp3
All You Need Is...... was the sermon on 3rd Feb as we head towards Valentine's Day. The reading was 1 Corinthians 13

Graham Clarke
3-Feb-2019 10:45
All You Need Is Love....

20190127 Beauty In Diversity.mp3
Beauty In Diversity. The bible reading in the service was 1 Corinthians 12:12-31a

Graham Clarke
27-Jan-2019 10:45
Beauty In Diversity

20190129 It's all about gifts.mp3
Bible reading 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

Graham Clarke
20-Jan-2019 10:45
It's Al About Gifts

20190113 Equipped To Serve.mp3
'Equipped To Serve' looked at Jesus's baptism. The reading was from Luke 3:15-18 and Luke 3:21-22.

Graham Clarke
13-Jan-2019 10:45
Equipped To Serve

20190106 Commit To The Lord.mp3
Sermon discussing our verse of the year from Proverbs 16:3. Today's reading was Proverbs 16:1-9

Graham Clarke
6-Jan-2019 10:45
Commit To The Lord.....