Anthem of Praise

AnthemBack in the 1980's the musicians and singers of Claremont Church produced several prophetic musical works of worship as cassette tapes and, in some cases, as live shows, performed around the UK.  These were so well received that we still get enquiries to this day from people wishing to purchase copies.  Unfortunately very few people now have players for cassette tapes!

Recently some of the original production team got together again and, as a result, some of these wonderful pieces have been re-mastered as audio CD's.  We now want to make their timeless truths available to bless the Family of God.

We intend to release the various albums as a free gift to believers everywhere through our web site.  However, the technical limitations of this method mean that we can only offer the free versions at a lower quality than the originals.  If you wish to have a maximum quality CD version, please email or call the church office.  The cost, including UK postage, will be £5.

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Claremont Musicians and Singers
Anthem of Praise