Marshalswick Baptist Free Church

CTM Lent Series 2020: Ticket To Ride

The audio for the last two sermons was recorded by the speakers as the coronavirus lockdown meant that the service could not take place.

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CTM 2020 010320 Lent 1.mp3
'Starting On Time' began the CTM Lent Series this year. The Bible reading was from the gospel of Mark 10: 32-34.

Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith Lord Bishop Of St Albans
1-Mar-2020 19:00
Ticket To Ride: Starting On Time

CTM 2020 080320 Lent 2.mp3
The Rev Canon Dennis Stamps spoke to us about Jesus cleansing the temple. The Bible reading was from Mark 11: 15-29.

Rev Canon Dennis Stamps
8-Mar-2020 19:00
Ticket To Ride: Penalty For Improper Use

CTM 2020 150320 Lent 3.mp3
First Call for Dinner is presented by Ken Rankin from Natasha Woodward's notes. The bible readings are from Exodus 12:1-11 and Mark 14:12-25

Natasha Woodward/Ken Rankin
15-Mar-2020 19:00
First Call For Dinner

CTM 2020 220320 Lent 4.mp3
We Regret to Announce. Peter Berners-Lee recorded this podcast as the service was cancelled due to the current restrictions. The reading was from Mark 15:1-15.

Peter Berners-Lee
22-Mar-2020 19:00

CTM 2020 290320 Lent 5.mp3
Iain Lane has recorded 'All Change' for the CTM 2020 Series.

Iain Lane
29-Mar-2020 19:00
All Change