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Examples of Christian Living
Great message (in 24 mins)from David helping us to understand how we should act out our Christian living - developing the examples in the passage (2 good exhibiting love - one bad exhibiting pride).

David Harvey
15-Mar-2020 10:45
(3 John)

Without us God is still God:
Without God we're Nothing! Sadrack had such strength from God - after the tragic death of his brother - to enable him to give us this (25 minute) passionate, spirit filled message on Haggai 2.

Sadrack Duclonat
1-Mar-2020 10:45
Haggai 2

Don't neglect the House of the Lord
Another great message from Dave (23 mins) really relating Haggai 1 to our present life & circumstances - again with his usual verve and humour. Praise the Lord!

Dave Goddard
23-Feb-2020 10:45
(Haggai 1)

Is it important to sing to God
Gordon gives us a short (7 minute) but encouraging message about why it is important (and good for us) to sing praises to God!

Gordon Hawley
16-Feb-2020 10:45
(Various including Acts 16)

Choices - Acts 9 vs 3 to 19 - 21 mins.WMA
Andy's message (21 mins) relates well to Hope UK (Andy is Chair of their Trustees & a local worker in Sheffield - check out their website) and listen to this message on 'Choices'.

Andy Lawley
26-Jan-2020 10:45
(Acts 9 vs 3 to 19