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Greg Cushing
25-Nov-2018 11:00
Acts 27-28

Greg Cushing
18-Nov-2018 11:00
Acts 24:1-26:32

Greg Cushing
28-Oct-2018 11:00
Acts 20:1-21:16

Greg Cushing
21-Oct-2018 11:00
Acts 19:1-41

Marc Harst
14-Oct-2018 11:00
Acts 18:1-28

Greg Cushing
7-Oct-2018 11:00
Acts 17:16-34

Greg Cushing
30-Sep-2018 10:00
Acts 16:5-17:15

Greg Cushing
27-Aug-2017 10:00
Acts 13

Greg Cushing
13-Aug-2017 10:00
Acts 11:1-18

Greg Cushing
6-Aug-2017 10:00
Acts 10

The Gospel at a sea port on Sea Sunday!
In our society today Christians find themselves on the frontiers of the faith in pretty much every environment... Are we equipped?

David Mace
9-Jul-2017 10:00
Acts 9:32-43

From Saul to Paul
People have said Paul's is the most famous conversion in Church history. Why and how did it all come about, and what does it mean for us today?

Greg Cushing
2-Jul-2017 10:00
Acts 9:1-31

The power of the Bible!
It's alive! It's alive! Is the Bible alive to you? It changed the life of a Ethiopian Eunuch - he engages with it and goes away rejoicing. We can do too...

Greg Cushing
12-Mar-2017 10:00
Acts 8:26-40

'The Gospel spreads through... persecution!!!
The Gospel bears fruit in Samaria. Christians end up there due to persecution. But... persecution never deters God - in fact he might just use your hardships in unexpected ways!

Greg Cushing
5-Mar-2017 10:00
Acts 8:1-25

Walking in our Saviour's footsteps...
We can tell the worth of something by what we're willing to give up for it! Stephen teaches this with his life...

Greg Cushing
26-Feb-2017 10:00
Acts 6:8-8:1

Learning from a big mistake!
Barnabas provides a positive example to inspire us. But Ananias and Sapphira provide a negative example to shock us, and one which shocked the early Church - we need to learn not to lie to God!

Greg Cushing
12-Feb-2017 10:00
Acts 4:32-5:16

Want to be bold like Peter?
Boldness begins with knowing who Jesus is. Once we know that, any obstacles we face, even persecution, becomes temporary, because life now goes on beyond the grave...

Greg Cushing
5-Feb-2017 10:00
Acts 4:1-31

Why does Jesus' power surprise us?
What is your most precious asset? It was Jesus for Peter! It became Jesus for the healed cripple! Why is that surprising? He's the author of life...

Greg Cushing
Acts 3

Peter's focus on Jesus at Pentecost
The Spirit shines his light on Jesus. Christians receive the Spirit. Christians delight in, unite in, and rave about Jesus. Simples...

Greg Cushing
15-Jan-2017 10:00
Acts 2

New Years Resolutions
Within Acts we find Jesus continuing to work by his Spirit through his Church - he still does so today! Looking ahead to 2017 what will be written of us in God's epic story?

Greg Cushing
1-Jan-2017 10:00
Acts 1