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Jesus died in my place!
They're words only one man in history (Barabbas) could objectively say, yet they're words each of us are invited to say spiritually, which carry everlasting effects...

Greg Cushing
13-Nov-2016 10:00
Mark 15:6-15

The King who agonisingly prays for his people!
In the Garden of Eden one man said, My will be done, and the floodgates of sin were opened. In the Garden of Gethsemane another man said, Thy will be done, and the floodgates of heaven were opened...

Greg Cushing
6-Nov-2016 10:00
Mark 14:32-42

How's the wait going?
Jesus tells us to be on guard and awake. He's told us he will return in judgement. Are we ready?

Greg Cushing
30-Oct-2016 10:00
Mark 13:32-37

To whom are taxes due?
God or Caesar? The question meant to stump Jesus is turned on its head and challenges any disciple today - what do we owe God?

Greg Cushing
23-Oct-2016 10:00
Mark 12:13-27

On our menu today: A Markan Sandwich
The cursing and withering of the fig-tree shows the fruitlessness of the Temple. Now we go somewhere else to meet with God, namely Jesus - the eternal Temple!

Greg Cushing
16-Oct-2016 10:00
Mark 11:12-25

What does true greatness look like?
Jesus' answer is maybe not want we want to hear - greatness = service! Modelled perfectly by himself...

Greg Cushing
9-Oct-2016 10:00
Mark 10:35-45

This is my Son... Listen to him!
God the Father endorses his Son, and lets us know that we can trust his every word - even the very challenging ones...

Greg Cushing
18-Sep-2016 10:00
Mark 9:2-13

What's your faith in Christ costing you?
Before the beginning of creation, God planned an amazing rescue operation - it involved sending his Son to die for us - he counted the cost of our redemption and thought us worth it!

Greg Cushing
11-Sep-2016 10:00
Mark 8:27-38

King Herod beheads God's messenger!
There are serious dangers when we put God's voice on mute...

Greg Cushing
28-Aug-2016 10:00
Mark 6:14-29

Three questions every Christian needs to ask!
Do you reject the Devil and all rebellion against God? Do you turn to Christ as Saviour? Do you submit to Christ as Lord? Three questions Legion models, and which cut to the heart of Christianity...

Greg Cushing
21-Aug-2016 10:00
Mark 5:1-20

Can Jesus really help us?
Yes He Can! He proves he can by calling himself the Son of Man, and showing that he has God given authority to deal with our biggest problem - namely our sin!

Greg Cushing
24-Jul-2016 10:00
Mark 2:1-12

The Best News in the World!
The Good News begins with a person, Jesus Christ, who wants a relationship with you...

Greg Cushing
3-Jul-2016 10:00
Mark 1:1-20