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Marc Harst
5-Aug-2018 11:00
Psalm 53

Greg Cushing
29-Jul-2018 11:00
Psalm 29

Kiss the Son
Instead of wagging the finger at God, why not stand in awe of Him. He's the bondage breaker not the bondage maker...

Greg Cushing
8-Jul-2018 11:00
Psalm 2

God Is My Keeper!
God's walks through life with his pilgrim people, even when we don't realise it...

Greg Cushing
24-Aug-2016 19:30
Psalm 121

An Eternal Perspective Changes My Present!
Why do Christians suffer? Why is it that sometimes really bad people succeed? These are questions on every believers heart, which God gives beautiful answers to - namely himself...

Greg Cushing
17-Aug-2016 19:30
Psalm 73