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God is the Great Carer
Unfortunately Jonah has a 4th chapter which exposes the selfishness of the human heart. We can't live with grace, and we can't live without it!

Greg Cushing
18-Jun-2017 10:00
Jonah 4

God is the Great Forgiver
120,000 bloodthirsty Ninevites hear God's challenging message and immediately repent! That's the power inherent in God's message - imagine what this could mean for your neighbourhood?

Greg Cushing
28-May-2017 10:00
Jonah 3

God is the Great Pride-Smasher
We will never want to taste discomfort for God unless we first realise, like everyone else, we are 100% dependent on his grace and mercy! Knowing something of God's omnipotence smashes our pride..

Greg Cushing
21-May-2017 10:00
Jonah 2

God is the Great Evangelist
God said go Jonah said no! Is God saying go to you? Thankfully God is powerful to save even when we're slow to serve him! Salvation is in his hands not ours...

Greg Cushing
14-May-2017 10:00
Jonah 1