Ecclesiastes: How to make sense of life

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The end
Ecclesiastes 12:1-14
As Solomon comes to the end of his quest, in perhaps the most famous and memorable chapter of all, he leaves us with three things to consider.

Glen Hanna
5-May-2024 10:30

A positive life
Ecclesiastes 11:1-10
Solomon doesn't want us to be pessimists, but realists. As he draws to his conclusion, he gives us four instructions to encourage us down a positive route.

Glen Hanna
28-Apr-2024 10:30

A world of fools
Ecclesiastes 10:1-20
What does it mean to be foolish? And what hope is there if you're a fool? Sorry this recording cuts out about 10 mins before the end.

Glen Hanna
14-Apr-2024 10:30
How to make sense of life

In the lap of God
Ecclesiastes 8:1-9:18

Glen Hanna

Blessing in the bad
Ecclesiastes 7:1-8:1
Solomon gives us a strange list of blessings here. But so did Jesus. Because true wisdom is not of this world.

Glen Hanna
17-Mar-2024 10:30

God first and last
Ecclesiastes 5:1 - 6:6
Having dragged us down multiple dead ends, the Preacher brings us out into a better path - the way of faith.

Glen Hanna
10-Mar-2024 10:30

All the lonely people
Ecclesiastes 4:1-16
Comfort, contentment, companionship. The Preacher sees a lack of all three in the world around him. We explore what he sees and ask where can those three be found?

Glen Hanna
3-Mar-2024 10:30

All in good time
Ecclesiastes 3:1-22
Our lives are ruled by time, but here the Preacher insists this is a sign of God's goodness and a thing of beauty.

Glen Hanna
11-Feb-2024 10:30

Wanted: happiness
Ecc 1:12-2:26
Solomon had it all, but still he was empty. We follow his quest for meaning - into and out of the dead ends he explored - to find the answer.

Glen Hanna
4-Feb-2024 10:30

What's the point?
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
Are nature and human beings on a treadmill of existence? Is there any point to getting up in the morning? Please forgive the poor sound quality.

Glen Hanna
28-Jan-2024 10:30

How to make sense of life
Ecc 1:1-18
Live a while and we soon see the frustrations and perplexities of life. The Teacher asks the biggest questions in his search for meaning.

Glen Hanna
14-Jan-2024 10:30